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CIU 10 Showcases PSU WorkLink Program

The Central Intermediate Unit 10, in collaboration with the Centre County Employment Coalition, recently kicked off its “Let’s Talk Secondary Transition” presentation series with a showcase of the Penn State

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Choose Quality Over Quantity

The calories in versus calories out method has always been a major staple when dieting, but is it really the way to a healthier you?  The logic behind it makes

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Lift With Your Legs

Proper shoveling technique is a must to protect yourself from injury. Research shows that thousands of people end up in emergency departments each year after snow shoveling – and many

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Executive Office

Meet Executive Director Dr. Francine Endler. You will also find Right-to-know information.

Special Education

The special education department assists member schools in meeting the educational needs of students with disabilities.

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Wellness Advocate

The Central Intermediate Unit Insurance Consortium supports and promotes a healthy environment focused on health and well-being for staff and their families.