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School Safety



Central Intermediate Unit 10 is part of the Region 7 Safe Schools in collaboration with Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 and Tuscarora Intermediate Unit 11. 

A school is a place where students should feel safe and secure. Parents want to know that their children are secure. However, natural disasters, violence, and other emergencies could occur at any time. Is your school prepared? Is everyone in your school safe? Does everyone know what to do during an emergency? Recent acts of violence around the nation, especially in public settings, including schools, bring to light the reality that schools need to be proactive in taking safety and security measures to prevent and deter school violence. They also need to be prepared for any other emergency situation that could occur.

CIU wants our member schools to feel confident in the creation and implementation of their safety plan. Through our trainings and networking opportunities, we are able to provide the key resources to ensuring our member schools have a robust plan that meets all state and federal requirements.

For information regarding Safe Schools, please contact:

Dr. Francine Endler
Executive Director
(814) 342-0884

Jenna Witherite
Director of Adult Education and Project Development
(814) 342-0884 x3056