Diabetes Prevention Program

What is Prediabetes?

Prediabetes means your blood sugar level is higher than normal but hasn’t become type 2 diabetes. Diabetes can lead to life-changing complications. While diabetes has no cure, prediabetes may be reversed.

Are You at Risk?

If you think you’re at risk, you should ask your primary care physician for a blood test. However, your risk level may be determined by a combination of factors. Answering a few simple questions can help.

Some of the risk factors include:

  • A family history of diabetes
  • Being overweight
  • Over the age of 45
  • Little to no exercise in a typical day
  • A history of gestational diabetes

If you’re at risk and you have not been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, then you may qualify for our Diabetes Prevention Program.


Losing just 5% of your weight can help prevent diabetes (according to the CDC).

  • Highmark is working with the YMCA and Livongo to offer you 2 unique ways to participate in their Diabetes Prevention Program. Both will help you do more than lose weight. Over 12 months, you’ll learn how to make real and lasting behavioral and lifestyle changes.

    If you qualify for the program, your Highmark medical plan will cover one of the following options per calendar year. Just choose the option that best suits your lifestyle!

  • Program length:12 months

    If you qualify as being pre-diabetic the program is covered by your Highmark medical plan.


This program is approved by the Center of Disease Control. If you qualify, you can participate either in-person or online.

WebMD Health Services

In-person at the YMCA

Enroll for peer group support in a classroom setting where available.

How it works:

  • Learn with a group of your peers in a safe and friendly setting
  • Track your food intake with the support of a trained lifestyle coach
  • Work with new friends to increase and track your physical activity
  • Track your weight loss progress with the help of an expert 

To begin, just:

  1. Go to the YMCA Site 
  2. Enter your ZIP code
  3. Find a Diabetes Prevention Program near you
  4. Take a short prediabetes assessment to see if you qualify
  5. Sign up directly with the Y with your Highmark ID


Online and Mobile with a Livongo Coach

Sign up for a convenient mobile application and web dashboard supported by a Livongo coach

How it works:

  • Free cellular scale logs your progress on the Livongo dashboard
  • Send photos of your food to an expert health coach – no food logging!
  • Get personalized coaching through 1 on 1 telephonic chat sessions, small group coaching sessions and unlimited text messaging
  • Share your progress and activity with your coaches online
  • Access 31 lessons on diabetes prevention, exercise, healthy eating and more

To begin, just:                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  1. Go to the 
  2. Take a short prediabetes assessment to see if you qualify 

  3. Enter your contact information and answer a couple more questions to sign up for the program
  4. Follow the email instruction to finish the enrollment process