Galaxy Teaching Artists

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Dance / Choreography / Yoga
Work Phone: 814-237-0658
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Work Phone: 814-769-9398
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Music / Flute
Work Phone: 814-234-8786
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Mosaic Murals / Tile Art
Work Phone: 814-237-6670
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Galaxy Teaching Artist
Work Phone: 814-251-3037
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Theatre / Drama
Work Phone: 814-404-6027
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Poetry / Creative Aging / Mental Health Art
Work Phone: 814-441-4507
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Interdisciplinary / Puppets
Work Phone: 814-360-2969
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Dance / Choreography
Work Phone: 814-238-5918
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Ceramics / Pottery
Work Phone: 814-321-2385
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Music / Folk Arts
Work Phone: 814-237-1602
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NOTE:  If you would like assistance in selecting an artist, please contact Galaxy. 

Galaxy Artists are talented, professional artists who can work with schools to enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum.  

 Galaxy Teaching Artists are:

 –      Dancers/ Choreographers

–       Storytellers

–       Puppeteers

–       Painters/ Muralists

–       Playwrights

–       Actors/Theatre Specialists

–      Therapeutic Art

–       Musicians

–       Composers

–       Paper Artists

–       Ceramic/ Tile Artists

–       Interdisciplinary Artists

 –      Digital Art

–       Poetry


Over the years, these artists have been carefully screened and trained to offer educationally-sound, standards-connected learning experiences in your school through:

 –       Artist for a Day  (short format, in-school programs, which include classroom-based, one-hour lessons and/or performances)

 –       Artist Residencies  (multiple–day, interactive, sequential learning opportunities.) 

 For a description of these programs go to Artist Services/Rates


To view information about each artist, individually.

  • Click on the name of an artist and review the descriptions for his/her services.


Important Information About Artist Availability: 

Artists will make every effort to satisfy school preferences, pending their availability.  Please note, however, that artists are NOT Galaxy/CIU 10 employees.  Galaxy Teaching Artists are independent contractors, who also have commitments outside of the Galaxy program. 

Questions?  Contact Dr. Dawn Hayes at or Karen Woods at