Artists Services and Rates

Galaxy now offers 2 program categories for schools:                   

  1. Artist for a Day  (AFAD)
  2. Artist Residencies


Artist for a Day (AFAD)      For Grades K-12

Here is a great introduction to Galaxy/CIU 10 arts services!  Artists are available for up to a “day” to come to your school (one location, only) to offer several 1-hour, classroom-based lessons and/or performances for larger groups. Artist lessons (formerly called “visits” and”workshops”) are educational and curriculum-based. They are intended to explore an art form while making strong connections with other academic areas (math, science, social studies, language arts) and their related PA Academic Standards.  Performances (for larger groups) also have educational value and are reasonably priced.

Choose 1 Artist (or Ensemble) for 1 location, per day for any of the following:     
  • Up to 3,  1 hour lessons
  • Up to 2,  1. 5 hour lessons 
  • Combination:  1 performance AND up to 2, 1 hour lessons
  • 1 or 2 Performances
 The following school rates will apply for the options below:     
  • $175 /day=  up to3, 1-hour lessons w/ a Single Artist  OR up to 2, 1.5 hour lessons w/ a Single Artist
  • $235 /day=  1 performance w/ a Single Artist  (Note:  Price doubles for 2 performances.)
  • $350 /day=  1 performance plusup to 2, 1-hour lessons w/ a Single Artist 
  • $395 /day =  1 performance w/ an Ensemble   (Note:  Price doubles for 2 performances.)
  • $495 /day =  1 performance plus up to 2, 1-hour lessons w/ an Ensemble

NOTE:  Lessons can often be focused on a particular theme or subject area. These possibilities are listed under the specific lessons described for each artist.

For information on specific Lessons and Performances offered by each artist, visit our Galaxy Teaching Artists page.


Artist Residencies –    For Grades K-12

Innovative Learning:
The Artist Residency Program places professional artists in school settings for an extended period of days.  Teaching artists engage students in a series of sequential, participatory workshops that provide opportunities for creative expression, skill development and discovery.  These experiences have the potential to energize learning in nearly any subject area!  They also promote important 21st Century job skills, including community, collaboration and cooperation.

Tailored to the Curriculum:
Artist residencies are tailor-made to address the curricular needs of an individual school and classroom.  The artist and teachers work together to create, design, plan and implement a residency that can be linked to a theme or a specific area of study and tied directly to the PA Academic Standards.

The Possibilities for Your School Community:   
Artists work with up to 3 “core groups” (of up to 30 students each) each day of the residency, infusing arts learning in the curriculum.  

PLUS, Artists may also:

  • Offer a presentation, performance, exhibit, etc. for the whole school
  • Conduct workshops for non-core group classes
  • Conduct a professional development workshop for teachers 
  • Participate with students in a culminating activity for the school, parents and the community!


Grant Support:

Funding support, from up to 30%-50% of the artist fee, may be available from Galaxy through its partnership with the PA Council on the Arts (PCA).  (Please see the table below.) To be considered for grant support, residencies must be a minimum of 10 days (5 days with an ensemble). “Days” do not need to be consecutive.

Residency Rate Schedule:
The following rates are for residencies with an individual artist, only.  (For ensemble rates, contact Dr. Hayes.)  Material expenses and/or accommodations may not be needed, but if applicable, they may be an additional expense. 

NOTE:  The box below gives amounts for 10, 15 and 20 days, as an example

The range of the # of days for Maximum PCA Grant Support is:

10-14 Days = up to 30%

15-19 Days = up to 40%

20+ Days = up to 50%

Current day rate is $200 plus 10%                                                                                                                                                                                       

Length of Residency

NOTE:  Residencies may be ANY number of days.  

 % PCA Grant

 % Host (School)

 PCA Support Maximum $

Host (School) Share $
(Includes 10%admin. as required by PCA)

Total Cost for Residency

For 10 Days

Up to 30%

At least 70%




For 15 Days

Up to 40%

At least 60%




For 20+ Days

Up to 50%

At least 50%




For information on Artist Residencies offered by each artist, visit our Galaxy Teaching Artists page.   Artist Residency descriptions are on the BOTTOM of each artist’s page. 

NOTE:  If you would like assistance in selecting an artist, please contact Galaxy. 


Dr. Dawn Hayes at or Karen Woods at