Bridge Program

The BRIDGE Program of Moshannon Valley School District and Penns Valley School District

The program provides social-emotional support for students who have demonstrated a need for a highly structured environment with differentiated supports.  Specialized techniques are used to enhance both academic and behavioral skills so that students can develop the independence and autonomy needed for successful integration into the regular school program.

The class size in BRIDGE ranges from 6-12 students.  Some of  the students in the program are identified as needing special education, but that identification is not necessary for inclusion into the program.

Staffing and support for the program includes special education teacher, two paraprofessionals, social worker, behavior specialists, curriculum consultation, and CIU 10 administrative supervision.  Related serrvices will be provided on an as needed basis.

Data is collected on academic, behavioral, and social-emotional indicators for progress monitoring and decision making.  Students in the BRIDGE program work on goals that are outlined in their IEP (Individualized Education Program), as well as the Pennsylvania Common Core State Standards.  Students also work on learning replacement behaviors, coping skills, self-control strategies, and other interpersonal and social skills that will help them become successful in school.


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Photo of Dr. Michele Hammersla-Quick
Special Education and Non-Public Student Service Director
Work Phone: 814-342-0884 Extension: 3033
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Supervisor for Special Education / Principal of Student Services Special Education
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