New Teacher Induction 2020-21

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Introduction and Background to Teacher Induction in Pennsylvania: A Snapshot
Educator quality is the largest single factor influencing student learning. Therefore, a high
quality educator induction program is an essential first step to facilitate entry into the education
profession and the teaching of Pennsylvania’s high academic standards. Support for new
teachers increases retention rates and those who participate in intensive induction programs are
more likely to:
  • Use instructional practices that improve student achievement;
  • Assign challenging work to diverse student populations;
  • Use standards-based curriculum frameworks; and
  • Accomplish the goals of the curriculum.
Without supports of a standards-based system, even the most talented educators are at risk of
leaving the profession. High-quality induction programs can help to prevent new teachers from
leaving the teaching profession.
School districts, intermediate units, charter schools, and area vocational-technical schools in
Pennsylvania have been required by the Pennsylvania Code (22 Pa. Code §49.16 and §49.83) to
have a state-approved teacher induction plan for first-year teachers since 1987. Each school entity shall submit to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) for approvalof a plan for the induction experience for first-year teachers (including teachers in pre-kindergarten programs, when offered), long-term substitutes who are hired for a position for 45
days or more, and for educational specialists. The length of the induction program must be a minimum of one school year: however, the school entity may choose a longer period. 
The induction plan shall be prepared by an induction educator committee which includes teacher or educational specialist representatives, or both, selected by teachers, educational specialists and administrative representatives chosen from the school entity. Newly employed professional personnel with prior school teaching experience may be required by the school entity to participate in an induction program.
The induction plan shall reflect a mentor relationship between the first-year teacher, long-term substitute or educational specialist, teacher educator and the induction team.
Criteria for approval of the induction plans must include induction activities that focus on teaching diverse learners in inclusive settings. Diverse learners include English language learners (ELL) and students with Individualized Education Programs (IEP).
Level II Induction Requirement: 
  • Level II certification requires completion of a PDE-approved induction program to include a mentoring component for all newly employed professional educators.
  • Public school entities in PA are required to provide a PDE-approved induction program.   Induction completed out of state cannot be substituted for the PA required induction.
  • Private school entities are not required to provide a PDE-approved induction program, but this requirement still needs to be met in order to obtain a Level II certificate.  Contact your employer to verify if they have a PDE-approved induction program.