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Intermediate Spanish for the Educational Setting

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CPE Course #20140009

Upcoming Session Dates

September 13, 2021 – October 11, 2021

Registration deadline for this session is September 7, 2021. Payment must be received in the CIU 10 office on or before September 7, 2021. Late fee of $15.00 will be charged for payments received after September 7, 2021.

January 5, 2022 – January 31, 2022

Registration deadline for this session is December 29, 2021. Payment must be received in the CIU 10 office on or before December 29, 2021. Late fee of $15.00 will be charged for payments received after December 29, 2021.


Course Description

This three-credit graduate course is designed for teachers from K-12. This is an online Moodle class, and each session contains a series of lessons, video, written responses, and other activities.  This course is a presentation of intermediate Spanish language and grammar, in order to achieve a better understanding of the dynamics involved in the educational setting.  Vocabulary, structure, culture and history, as well as further examination of this settings and situations that arise in an educational environment will also be included.  A more in-depth approach will be taken in order to bring the participants a little closer to mastering some of the vocabulary and structure that can aid in developing a better assimilation of Hispanics into the educational settings thereby assisting in better achievement by our students.PLEASE NOTE: The prerequisite for this course is Basic Spanish for the Educational Setting or a Spanish language class taken during either high school or college.

This course, which lasts approximately 30 days, will be completed strictly online using the Moodle platform. The instructor for this course is Agolino Educational Services. Pending receipt of payment, participants will receive an email from Agolino Educational Services containing their log-on information the night before the course begins.

Participants who successfully complete all requirements of this course will earn Three (3) PDE Graduate Level Credits, equal to 90 Act 48 Hours.

Participants will be able to:

  • select the appropriate word or phrase to communicate with Hispanics using some of their language when necessary, in an educational setting.
  • evaluate Hispanic parents in order to understand family dynamics and explore the possibilities of a Hispanic wing to parent organizations to bridge the gap to the Hispanic community.
  • examine how complete assimilation may never occur in first generation Hispanics but we will strive for acculturation as a transitional state.
  • design aspects of students’ culture into daily plans and will construct grammar practice and writing into their discipline and use this in evaluating student progress rather than basing evaluation solely on memorization.  Assessments will try to eliminate bias based on language.
  • analyze and write a plan of implementation in which they will elaborate on what they learned about Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and culture that will make them better educators and how it will do so.  In their paper, they will also explain how taking this course can help to build progress toward assimilation and improvement of English learners into our classrooms.

Graduate Level Requirement

Act 48 requires 42 hours of instruction plus 48 hours of out-of-class activity including a course project.  Participants out-of-class assignments include but are not limited to:

  • complete activities that incorporate the Pennsylvania Core Standards.