• PA High School Computer Fair       CIU # 10       PA Middle School Computer Fair

    Central Intermediate Unit # 10 

    Regional High School / Regional Middle School Computer Fair 
    March 2, 2017 - Bald Eagle Area School District 
    7:30 - 8:30 Computer Set-Up 
    8:30 Welcome Students and Advisors 
    8:45 - 12:15 Judging 
    (Participants are not required to stay on site) 
                                       (Internet Service is available for projects only) 
    12:15 - 12:45 Awards Ceremony
    Winners are Highlighted: 
    Entry Number/Title                                              Student(s)                                                      School
     Computer Fair Logo
    10250     2018 PA Computer Fair Logo                  Weston Epply, Josh Bloom                      Bald Eagle Area High School
    10210     Computer Fair Logo                                 Richard Donohue                               Central Mountain High School 
    10211     Computer Fair Logo                                 Alexa Farrington                                Central Mountain High School
    10366     2018 Computer Fair Logo                        Ty Dixon                                                  Curwensville High School
    10205     Computer Fair Logo                                 Kayla Malloy                                           CPI 
    Digital Movie 
    10199     Glendale Senior Spotlight Athletes          Olivia Spanik, Karly Grimes                   Glendale Jr./Sr. High School
    10172     The Crooked House                                 Carson Spence, Austin Huyett,                Bald Eagle Area High School
                                                                                     Luke Bloom
    10325     Not Your Kind of People                          Ean Briggs, Zach Hess, Trey Green        Central Mountain High School
    10367     The Lawfirm                                             Legend Bruner, Ethan Mendat,               Curwensville High School
                                                                                     Adam Miller
    10234     Riding with Expression                            Sarah Tocimak                                  MoValley Jr./Sr. High School
    Graphic Design 
    10204     Furry Fiesta                                               Jaslynn Wimberly                             Glendale Jr./Sr. High School
    10175     Doggo Beach                                            Casey McClellan                               Bald Eagle Area High School
    10209     Pet-Stache                                                 Carley Chambliss                              Central Mountain High School
    10207     Twisted Tails                                             Amanda Walk, McKinley Yarrington,     CPI
                                                                                     Perry Wheat
    10368     Ozzy's Pet Gym                                        Hannah Condon, Megan Libby                Curwensville High School
    10173     Baffle the Bully                                        Carrisa Mattiesen, Phoebe McClincy,      Bald Eagle Area High School
                                                                                     Charlotte Harris
    Web Page Design 
    10186     Glendale Drama Club Webpage               Alexis Haigh                                            Glendale Jr./Sr. High School
    10176     Bailey Geyer Animal Rescue                   Lacey Geyer, Michael Bailey                   Bald Eagle Area High School
    10206     Abbey DuVall Digital Portfolio               Abigail DuVall                                         CPI
    Project Coaches 
    Sharon Nilson  - Bald Eagle Area High School
    Yana Boyd - Central Pa Institute of Science and Technology
     Edward Choma - Central Mountain High School
    Beth Keiser - Central Mountain High School
    Darlene Pennington - Curwensville High School
    Lindsay Kallas - Glendale Jr./Sr. High School
    Rudy Kowalcyk - Moshannon Valley Jr./Sr. High School
     Arlin Roth - Bellefonte Area School District
    Kevin Stibitz - Clearfield Area School District
    Elaine Matlack - Clearfield Area School District
    Lisa Bressler - Curwensville Area School District
    Haylee Hickman - Central Intermediate Unit # 10
    Sherry Jesberger - Central Intermediate Unit # 10 
     Central Intermediate Unit # 10 Event Coordination
    Tom Rowles - Information Technology Facilitator
    Laurie Sparks - Fiscal Administrative Assistant for Special Education and Non Public School Services
    Appreciation is extended to Bald Eagle Area School District and staff for allowing the use of facilities for this event
     Special thanks to Buffalo Demo Schoolblocks, Commonwealth Computer Recycling, Extreme Networks, Impero Software, 
     North Central Digital Systems, Securly Inc, and PhillyCom Inc for their contributions.  
    Thank you to the judges for your time and expertise and to the following entities for allowing the judges release time to participate in the Computer Fair:
    Bellefonte Area School District, Central Intermediate Unit # 10, Clearfield Area School District, and Curwensville Area School District
    Thank you to the Coaches for your time and expertise 
     State High School Computer Fair, May 23, 2017, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA
    State Middle School Computer Fair, May 24, 2017, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA
    Central Intermediate Unit # 10  is the
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