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A special education paraeducator, sometimes called a teacher’s aide or assistant, can be a real right-hand man (or woman) to the classroom teacher.  Classroom teachers depend on the knowledge and skills of pareaeducators to accomplish the responsibility to deliver an education to students.  Central Intermediate Unit 10 has developed a training for special education paraeducators to help them achieve “qualified” status as required by Chapter 14. While there are other ways a paraeducator can meet the requirements of Chapter 14 and  22 Pa. Code §14.105, the training, and test is a competency-based approach. 

Special education paraprofessionals must meet Pennsylvania’s regulatory requirements contained in 22 Pa. Code §14.105, which include the following:

  1. Have completed at least two years of postsecondary study;.
  2. Possess an associate degree or higher; and
  3. Meet a rigorous standard of quality as demonstrated through a state or local assessment.
  4. Each school year, Instructional paraprofessionals shall provide evidence of 20 hours of staff development activities related to their assignment.

This training and exam address seven standards: Mathematics, Writing Basics, Reading, Assistive Technology, Behavior, Special Education 101 and the Role of the Paraeducator.  Training modules specific to each topic are delivered in a hybrid approach ( in-person and online). Upon completion of the training and achieving passing status on the exam, participants will be able to apply for work as a classroom assistant, personal care aide, and/or special education paraeducator within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Each year, the CIU 10 holds an annual conference in Centre County just for paraeducators.  At this conference, paraeducators receive twelve (12) professional development hours. 

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