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Inclusive Practices

Inclusive Practices supports available to school districts and charter schools:

Provide team consultations for best practices in inclusive classrooms.

Facilitation of the Supplementary Aids and Services Considerations Toolkit with school district teams to identify supports and services for students with disabilities for successful participation in general education environments.

The Supplementary Aids and Services (SaS) Consideration Toolkit is a structured and facilitated process to analyze the instructional, physical, and social environment of a general education from the perspective of an individual student.

Purpose of the SaS

The intended outcome of using this tool is to identify a list of environmentally-referenced SaS to enhance participation and learning for a student with a disability in the general education classroom.

5 Step Process:

  1. Compile and organize information about the student
  2. Compile and organize information about the general education classroom
  3. Identify potential barriers to curriculum and instruction in the general education environment
  4. Identify appropriate supplementary aids and services strategies to eliminate barriers
  5. Decisions about which SaS to implement and how are made focusing on supports necessary for team members, consultants and related service personnel for effective implementation.

Click here to see the Supplementary Aids and Services Considerations Toolkit

SaS FAQ Sheet

SaS Parent Brochure

Teacher Desk Reference


Amanda McCready, M.Ed, BCBA

Principal of Student Services



Kaleena Selfridge, PhD

Principal of Student Services