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Non-Public School Services


The Central Intermediate Unit Nonpublic Schools Services program provides services to any eligible nonpublic school within the Central Intermediate Unit. Eligible schools are non-profit schools with students in grades K through 12. 


Charter schools, regulated as public schools, are not eligible for participation in this program. For-profit private schools and pre-K only schools are not eligible for these services. Participation is voluntary in all nonpublic programs and schools may choose to participate in all, some or none of the offered services.


ACT 89 is the Auxiliary Services Program provided through the local intermediate unit. Auxiliary services include, but are limited to: guidance; counseling and testing services; psychological services; occupational therapy services; visual services; services for exceptional children; remedial services; speech and language services; services for the improvement of the educationally disadvantaged.  

The Nonpublic School Services program provides supplementary services to nonpublic students through the Act 89 program (state aid to nonpublic schools) and also functions as the LEA for Federal Title IIA and Title IID Federal programs.

Act 89 and EP Referral 23-24



Brooke Walton

Principal of Non-Public Student Services

814-342-0884 Extension 3062