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Title IX

Title IX Policy 103 Nondiscrimination in Educational Programs


Title IX 104 Nondiscrimination in Educational Program Services


On July 23, 2020 at the Board Meeting of the Central Intermediate Unit 10 the Board adopted the following: 

1. Effective August 14, 2020, and until the School Board adopts a comprehensive Policy, the Intermediate Unit shall comply with and implement all requirements of the Title IX regulations; 

2. Any existing policies or practices that are inconsistent with or in violation of any of the requirements, terms or conditions of the Title IX regulations are hereby superseded effective August 14, 2020; 

3. The Executive Director hereby has the following power and authority regarding Title IX: 

  a. To designate one or more Title IX Coordinators; 

  b. To designate one or more investigators under Title IX; 

  c. To designate an initial decision maker(s) and an appeal decision maker(s) under Title IX; 

  d. To designate a facilitator; 

  e. To establish supportive measures as required by Title IX; 

  f. To make arrangements for and provide required training; 

  g. To amend the Student Code of Conduct as required by Title IX; 

  h. To adopt and/or amend the Employee Code of Conduct as required by Title IX; 

  i. To ensure that all notices are provided; 

  j. To ensure that all postings to the website are posted; and 

  k. To adopt Administrative Regulations that will ensure compliance with Title IX  


Title IX Coordinator:

Laurie Castagnolo 
200 Shady Lane Suite 100
Philipsburg PA 16866  
814-342-0884 x.3043