Guest Teacher Training
Central Intermediate Unit 10 works with member schools in the three county area (Centre, Clearfield and Clinton) and Education Staffing  & Management Solution to provide Guest Teacher Training in an effort to increase the pool of qualified substitute teachers.
After the Guest Teacher applicant completes the Moodle online training program and submits all required documentation, CIU 10 issues Type 06 Emergency Permits through the Pennsylvania Department of Education, qualifying the applicant to become a short-term, day-to-day substitute teacher in any subject area for several school districts which are located across CIU 10’s coverage area of Centre, Clearfield, and Clinton counties.
Guest Teachers are individuals in the community who do not have teacher certification, but possess a Bachelor’s degree.
While CIU 10 administers the Guest Teacher Training and issues the Type 06 Emergency Permit, making you eligible to become a substitute teacher, you must first be hired by a member school or ESS . To learn more about the ESS/S4T requirements for employment, please visit     
Guest Teachers may not work more than 20 consecutive days in a single assignment. Guest Teachers are neither eligible nor permitted to work in a long-term substitute teaching assignment or as a full-time teacher. If you wish to attain a long-term position, the district you are interested in working for must apply for a long-term permit on your behalf.
The Type 06 Emergency Permit is valid for one school year (August 1 – July 31) and must be renewed on an annual basis through CIU 10.
The permit is valid for use in the following school districts that fall under CIU 10:


Requirements to Receive an Emergency Permit

If you have never held an emergency permit through CIU 10, in order to be eligible to receive a short-term, Type 06, emergency permit for the current school year ending each year on July 31, you must complete the following requirements:

  • You will first need to pay the $35 processing fee for the application process. This $35 pays for the permit processing fee through the state Department of Education, and also grants you access to CIU 10’s online training, available exclusively through CIU 10.  Your $35 processing fee must be submitted via cash, personal check, or money order, made payable to Central Intermediate Unit 10. When we receive your payment, we will email you the link to access the online training through Moodle.
You may send your processing fee to CIU 10 along with the following forms and clearances, which are required by the state Department of Education:
Next, you will need to apply for, and then send copies to CIU #10, of your Act 34, 151 and 114 clearances; links to each of these clearances are below.
Act 114 FBI Fingerprinting ( 
Note: For employment through an Intermediate Unit, you must obtain an FBI Fingerprinting Clearance under the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Log on to to find a nearby fingerprinting site, select Digital Fingerprinting, and then use the service name code 1KG6S7 for Pennsylvania PDE Intermediate Units. Follow the instructions provided by the site to proceed with getting your FBI fingerprint clearance. By providing your UE ID Registration Number to CIU #10, your FBI Fingerprinting results will be obtainable.
  • Request your original, sealed official transcript verifying your Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university be sent electronically to Photocopies are not accepted. 
The online training through Moodle is a separate portion of the application process than the final step, which is creating your registration in the Teacher Information Management System (TIMS):

To register through the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s website in the Teacher Information Management System, simply type into your browser’s address bar, which will bring up PDE’s website. Then do a search for Teacher Information Management System. Each candidate MUST affiliate with Central IU 10 to complete the application. Once you are logged in, click “Emergency Permit Application.” The application has five pages to complete:

Step 1:  Complete Demographic Details, then Select Next.

Step 2:  Certification Details (Most applicants will not have information to enter on this step. If you do not have certification, leave this step blank.)

Step 3:  Affiliation Details: Select Add New Affiliation; Select Central IU 10; Select Next.

Step 4:  LEA Selection. Confirm Selection, then Select Next.

Step 5:  Background Questions: Select Checkboxes for Code of Conduct/Affidavit; Statements; Select Initiate Permit Request. Your TIMS application is complete.

All paperwork and questions regarding the Guest Teacher program should be directed to Central Intermediate Unit 10, Attn: Guest Teacher,  200 Shady Lane, Suite 100  Philipsburg, Pa 16866.  Call (814) 342-0884, or email or