Employment Forms and Clearances

Required Personnel Forms for Employment at CIU 10

Central Intermediate Unit 10 follows the PA School Code which requires background checks for all school entity (public and non-public) employees, contractors and student teachers who have direct contact with children. Clearances are not acceptable when processed for “Volunteer” status.   The following is required for employment:

Act 114 – FBI Fingerprinting– Fee $23.85
For employment of an Intermediate Unit, you must obtain an FBI Clearance under the PA Department of Education (PDE).  Log on to https://www.identogo.com/ find a nearby site, select digital fingerprinting and then use the service name code 1KG6S7 for Pennsylvania PDE Intermediate Units.  Follow the instructions provided by the site to proceed with getting your FBI fingerprint clearance.  By providing the Registration Number (UEID) to the Intermediate Unit, your Criminal Records Results will be obtainable.

Mandated Reporter – Free 

The Pennsylvania’s Child Protective Services Law includes a list of people who are required by law to report suspected child abuse which are called Mandated Reporters.  Mandated Reporters are held to a higher standard of responsibility.  Central Intermediate Unit 10 employees that come into contact with children, are required to maintain a current Mandated Reporter Certificate.   As a school employee this certificate must be renewed every 5 years; some state department licenses requirements are every 2 years.

The Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center has partnered with the University of Pittsburgh and developed a free three hour online training course titled Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse: Mandated and Permissive Reporting in Pennsylvania.  The course can be accessed at the following link: 


If you choose this program, the last page of the online course is a certificate of completion.  Please print certification as proof of completion and submit a copy to Human Resources.

Employment Forms