NHD for Students

NHD For Students

A great history day project is not one that simply lists events and people. It explains the “so what”. Why did a particular event make a difference in the lives of others? What situations and circumstances did it change or impact?

Your project must show that you have looked at more than one side of an issue; that you have analyzed the research materials; and that you have drawn your own conclusions. Have a clear thesis statement and restate it in varied ways throughout your project. Also, make a clear connection between your thesis and this year’s theme.

To help you succeed with your work, please use the links below. These links contain valuable information to help guide you through the NHD Project creation process.

NHD Contest Rule Book
Download the NEW National History Day Contest Rule Book, effective with the beginning of the 2020-2021 contest year.

NHD Manual De Reglas Para Competencias En Español

2022 Theme Graphic Organizer Fillable PDF
The 2022 Graphic Organizer – Escaping the Topic Maze helps students examine historical context within the theme Debate & Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures, Consequences.

NEW NHD Evaluation Forms
The new NHD project evaluation forms have criteria for which each project will be judged. This new form gives students more insight as to how their projects are judged.

2022 Contest Theme Book
Download the Debate & Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures, Consequences 2022 Theme Book.

National History Day YouTube


NHD has provided the following guidelines for virtual project submissions.


Students will develop their documentaries in the usual fashion and submit via an online file sharing platform.  Please contact your contest coordinator regarding the specific platform.  Students will enter the URL for their project and submit their process paper and bibliographies via the Zfairs contest registration system.

Students may develop physical or virtual projects depending on their circumstances.  NHD has provided guidelines for virtual submission of both types of projects.  The document below contains links to a Google Drive containing the templates for each type of submission. 

2021 Virtual Exhibit Guidelines

Sample Project (Physical) 

Sample Project (Virtual)

Students will develop their papers in the usual manner and submit via the Zfairs contest registration system.  
PLEASE NOTE:  Entries in the Paper category now require a process paper.

Students will record their performance and complete a Performance Companion Worksheet.  They will submit their recording via an online file sharing network (please contact your contest coordinator for details about the specific platform).  They will submit the URL for their project, their PCW, and other paperwork via the contest registration system system.

2020-2021 Performance Video Submission Guidelines

Students will develop their websites as usual, and submit their website URL via the Zfairs contest registration system. Check out the NHDWEBCENTRAL™ HELP LIBRARY for instructional guides and step-by-step videos to each instructional guide to help you create your NHDWebCentral™ website.