SkyOp is a curriculum designed to prepare learners for careers that use drones. Central Intermediate Unit 10 has partnered with SkyOp to bring the program to Central Pennsylvania. The information below provides an overview of SkyOp. 

SkyOp courseware overview

SkyOp is a drone training company based in Canandaigua, NY that has developed a drone-based curriculum specifically for high school juniors and seniors. We offer direct training and license drone training courseware. Currently we partner with over 60 High Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Companies in 19 states. Our curriculum is accredited by, a leading STEM education research and credentialing organization. SkyOp courseware teaches students about the different uses and real-world applications of drones across multiple industries. We also prepare the students to be FAA-certified Commercial drone pilots. They will be able to use those skills to complete jobs from aerial photography to data collection using autonomous flight programming. The Full STEM curriculum is a stand-alone course that includes up to 350-400 hours of instruction. The curriculum covers 6 units: 

  1. Intro to Drones for Commercial Users—includes flight training and drone simulator training indoors
  2. FAA Remote Pilot Test Prep
  3. Hands-On Drone Flight Training – DJI Phantom 4 Pro/Mavic Series (outdoor flight training)
  4. Drone Photo and Video Production
  5. Intro to Autonomous Drone Apps with Hands-On Flight Training
  6. Intro to photogrammetry software, orthomosaic mapping, 3D modeling, point clouds, Normalized


Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and more. We also offer an Integrated STEM program (up to 90 hours) that can be merged into related courses on topics such as Photography, Robotics, Public Safety, Construction or Agriculture. It can also be a 1 semester stand-along course. This program covers: 

  1. Intro to Drones for Commercial Users
  2. Hand-on quadcopter and drone simulator training indoors
  3. FAA Remote Pilot Test Prep 


We train your Instructor, depending on their background. We would like Instructors to have their Commercial Drone Pilot’s license, and SkyOp can help prepare them to take the exam. In addition to Instructor training, other costs include the curriculum license fee and class materials. All the courseware, including power-point slides for the Instructor, videos, labs, and quizzes are housed in our LMS, which both the instructor and students have access to. You need to be 16 to take the FAA Remote Pilot Knowledge Test, and you need to take the exam at a Certified FAA testing facility. The test itself consists of 60 multiple choice questions, and you must score at least a 70 to pass. Cost is currently $175, payable to the FAA.

Be sure to check out this Forbes magazine article about drone careers.

Curriculum Overview

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