person holding on red pen while writing on book
CATEGORY: Collins Education Associates

The Collins Writing Program

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This course provides an overview of the Collins Writing Program. The asynchronous sessions are facilitated by Dr. John Collins, the creator of the Collins Writing Program.

The course has six modules:

1) Overview of the Five Types of Writing, With a Focus on Type One
2) Improve Student Retention and Understanding of Content With Type Two Writing
3) Types Three, Four, and Five Writing: Focus on Selecting Critical Writing Skills
4) Teaching Critical Writing Skills to Mastery and Making Peer Editing Work
5) Help Students to Retain and Use Critical Content Vocabulary
6) Integrating the Five Types of Writing

Each module is approximately one-hour in length. Course materials are provided as resources.

Pennsylvania teachers earn six (6) hours of Act 48 credit, awarded by Central Intermediate Unit 10.