Gifted Professional Development

Upcoming CIU 10 Gifted PD Opportunities

FREE — CIU 10 Gifted Networking

Gifted Networking sessions for teachers are held three times a school year from 9:00-10:30am. For 2021-22 school year, Gifted Networking events will occur on Sept 1, Dec 1, and March 1. Each session contains resources and information for teachers and supervisors of gifted education as well as an opportunity to network with other gifted coordinators in the region.  Updates on the state of gifted education are also provided. 

FREE — CIU 10 Gifted Bootcamp

This is an asynchronous training opportunity for new teachers of gifted.  This is a self-paced Gifted Boot Camp. Topics will include an overview of PA’s definition of gifted education, Chapter 16 and a review of the forms that support gifted education. Attendees will be asked to complete small assignments. For more information on enrolling is this course please contact Michelle Shirk at

Additional Gifted Trainings- Professional Development:

FREE- Gifted Bootcamp: Bootcamp is…for new gifted teachers and administrators who want to learn the basics of gifted education in Pennsylvania or for those veteran teachers and administrators who want to freshen up their skills.

Registration and Information:

FREE- GIEP Goals Clinic- New this year!   Would you like some guidance on GIEP goals that you are writing? This is the session for you! Join Amy Davis McShane and Patrice Semicek for sessions that are designed to help gifted educators write compliant, quality goals in their student’s GIEPs. Teachers will be able to work with each other to craft quality, compliant goals.   Please choose one date to start.  More sessions will be added if needed. 

Registration and information:

FREE- Gifted in PA State Webinars (Best suited for District ADMIN)– Join the Gifted in PA team: Shirley Moyer, Bureau of Special Education Advisor, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Patrice Semicek, Eastern Pennsylvania Gifted Liaison, Montgomery County Intermediate Unit, Amy Davis McShane, Western Pennsylvania Gifted Liaison, Allegheny Intermediate Unit to hear information on the state of gifted education in PA, answers to common questions, and online resources.  The team will also answer, “Is it compliance, or is it best practice?” and they will share valuable online resources. 

Registration and information: There are 2 virtual sessions scheduled on October 13 and April 6 at 10am.