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Choose Quality Over Quantity

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The calories in versus calories out method has always been a major staple when dieting, but is it really the way to a healthier you?  The logic behind it makes sense. Eat less, move more and weight loss will happen. Unfortunately it’s not that simple.

Short-term, yes, you will lose weight if you are eating less. However, the body will soon adapt to your new lifestyle.

Most people who experience weight loss using this method gain it back, because calorie restriction decreases metabolism and increases hunger over time. With less energy coming in, the body eventually slows down its metabolism so that it expends less energy each day to adapt to the decreased caloric intake (1).

Our bodies are very complex. A complex system needs the proper nutrients to keep it going, which is why quality is more important than quantity.

For instance, fruits are much more nutrient-dense than donuts. Calorie for calorie, fruit will provide a much larger dose of vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds (2).

Everything we consume contains instructions for the body to carry out (1). The vitamins and minerals from your piece of fruit will be absorbed into the cells of your body to help you perform daily tasks.

Food has control over all of our systems such as cellular functions, metabolic pathways and hormonal responses. There’s a reason why we feel terrible if we eat terrible.

Counting calories is a thing of the past. Feed your body with high quality, nutrient dense foods and the quantity will take care of itself. 

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