• Central Intermediate Unit 10

    PA Regional Middle School / High School Media and Design Competition

    Held on March 24, 2022 – The Fairman Center of Curwensville JSHS

    Listed is our 2022 PA Media and Design Competition First Place Winners! 



    Entry Number / Title                                    Student(s)                                                                 School District


    1151   A “Dino-Mite” Interview      Jayden Laskowsky; Noah Tarbay                     Moshannon Valley



    1064   Decision 2022                     Madelyn Kay; Viktoria Spewock;

                                                              Emma Webb                                                          Moshannon Valley

    3D Design

    1208   School Sweeper 3000        Valent Cervenak; Tray Canner                         Moshannon Valley



    Entry Number / Title                                     Student(s)                                                               School District

     Web Page Design

    2185   Savanna Gamez                         Savanna Anderson                                       Clearfield County CTC               1st Place Winner State PA Media and Design Competition


    Graphic Design and Logo

    2170   Computer Fair Logo                     Elijah Knepp                                                      Curwensville


    Digital Movie

    2100   ELLE                                Ian Gallaher; Arianna Garcia;Brandon Walker         Clearfield County CTC



    2116   Before It’s Too Late                    Oscar Lin; Jimmy Lamoreau                               Moshannon Valley



    2183   Portable Weather Station         Evan Losey                                                                Curwensville                          3rd Place Winner State PA Media and Design Competition



    Arlin Roth – Bellefonte Area School District

    Jonathan Rice – Central Intermediate Unit 10

    Lance Bunnell – Central Intermediate Unit 10

    Lisa Bressler – Curwensville Area School District

    JoAnn Flanagan – Curwensville Area School District

    Aaron Prisk – Curwensville Area School District

    Mark Rudella – Silco Tek Corporation



    Melissa Elensky – Moshannon Valley Elementary School

    Rudy Kowalcyk – Moshannon Valley JSHS

    Lindsay Kallas – Glendale Jr/Sr High School

    Lauren Hopkins – Clearfield County CTC

    Darlene Pennington – Curwensville JSHS


    Central Intermediate Unit 10 Event Coordination

    Tom Rowles – Information Technology Facilitator – Event Coordinator

    Heather Ressler – Administrative Assistant – Scoring

    Melissa Duckworth – Curriculum Consultant – Student Workshop Coordinator

    Karen Woods – Student Workshop Coordinator

    Stephanie King – Speech Therapist / Educational Consultant – Student Workshop Coordinator



    Appreciation is extended to Curwensville Area School District and staff for allowing the use of the Fairman Center for this event!     Thank you Darlene Pennington for helping getting things set up!

    Special Thanks to Siegel Engraving, Clearfield, PA for the First Place Plaques

    Thank you to the Judges for your time and expertise and to the following entities for allowing the judges release time to participate in the Media and Design Competition

    Bellefonte Area School District

    Central Intermediate Unit 10

    Curwensville Area School District

    Silco Tek Corporation


    Thank you to all Advisors / Coaches for your time and expertise – Hope to see you next year!


    State High School Competition, May 24, 2022

    State Middle School Competition, May 25, 2022

    Tom Rowles, Event Coordinator and Information Technology Facilitator, will advise winning school advisors on the in-person, hybrid, or total virtual status of the State PA Media and Design Competition when word is given from Dickenson College in Carlisle, PA.