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    Central Intermediate Unit 10 

    PA Regional High School / Middle School Media and Design Competition

    Due to the COVID-19 closing of all schools for the 2019-20 school year..the Competition at Bald Eagle High School is CANCELLED.  We will be back in 2021.  Will keep this page up for reference.

    Entry Number/Title                                              Student(s)                                                      School

     Middle School Entries

       3D Design

     1353   School Shiner 3000                 Valent Cervenak; Samuel Taylor                                       Moshannon Valley Elementary School



     1279   Fist-Bump Fight                       Brianna Hnatkovick; Ben Rivera; Chayton Dove                Glendale Jr-Sr High School

     1352   Basketball Battle                     Troy Canner; Colby Reifer                                                 Moshannon Valley Elementary School


       Digital Movie

     1354   How to Care for a Bearded

                Dragon                                      Mia Butler; Ava Robinson                                                   Moshannon Valley Elementary School



    1351   Decision 2020                          Leah Martin; Mya Walstrom                                               Moshannon Valley Elementary School


       Web Page Design

     1221   The Knights of Kindness          Marley Reese; Alydia Greenawalt                                        Moshannon Valley Elementary School



     High School Entries

        3D Design

     2007   Chromebook Case Cover          Jeff Fry                                                                                        Bald Eagle Area High School

     2031   Special Needs Mouse               Branna Vereshack                                                                      Glendale Jr-Sr High School



     2160   TBA                                          Jocely Mooney; Grace Williams; Alyssa Sinclair                        Glendale Jr-Sr High School

     2445   Friends                                    Roseille Sowers                                                                           Bald Eagle Area High School

     2447   Heater                                     Madison Reams                                                                            CCCTC


      Digital Movie

     2032   Wrestling Season Recap         Paige Glasgow                                                                             Glendale Jr-Sr High School

     2446   For An Assignment                 Ryan Patcyk; Cassidy Smith; Taylor Zimmerman                       Bald Eagle Area High School


     Graphic Design and Logo

     2080   Competition Logo                    Autumn Miller; Michael Jabco; Emma Walk                               CPI

     2034   Logo                                         Tristan Rutter; Cory Johnston                                                    Glendale Jr-Sr High School

     2152   Logo Design                             Hannah Ternant                                                                          Bald Eagle Area High School

     2287   Logo Competition Desgin        Dominic Kovach                                                                          Clearfield County CTC

     2387   Computer Ram                        Kaitlyn Hoover; Peyton Bloom                                                    Curwensville Jr-Sr High School

     2420   Graphic Design and Logo        Natalie Brown                                                                              Keystone Central



     2079   Sky High                                  Sam Uhler                                                                                   Bald Eagle Area High School


      Web Page Design

     2033   Car Lot Website                      Grace Kozak                                                                                Glendale Jr-Sr High School



    Project Coaches

    Sharon Nilson - Bald Eagle Area School District

    Max Besong - Bald Eagle Area School District

    Yana Boyd - Central PA Institute of Science and Technology

    Lauren Hopkins - Clearfield County Career and Technology Center

    Darlene Pennington - Curwensville Area School District

    Lindsey Kallas - Glendale Area School District

    Beth Keiser - Keystone Central Area School District

    Melissa Elenskey - Moshannon Valley Area School District




    Arlin Roth - Bellefonte Area School District

    Daniel Berger - Central Intermediate Unit 10

    Laurie Castagnolo - Central Intermediate Unit 10

    Sherry Jesberger - Central Intermediate Unit 10

    Kevin Stibitz - Clearfield Area School District

    Kerry Jesberger - Xtreme Wear


    Central Intermediate Unit 10 Event Coordination

    Tom Rowles - Information Technology Facilitator - Event Coordinator/Registration
    Renee McQuown - Curriculum Consultant with focus on Technology - Student Activities Coordinator
    Heather Ressler - Administrative Assistant - Scoring


    Appreciation is extended to Bald Eagle Area School District and staff for allowing the use of facilities for this event
    Special thanks to Siegel Engraving, Clearfield PA, for making our 1st Place plaques
    Thank you to the judges for your time and expertise and to the following entities for allowing the judges release time to participate in the Computer Fair:
    Bellefonte Area School District, Central Intermediate Unit 10, Clearfield Area School District, and Xtreme Wear
    Thank you to the Coaches for your time and expertise 
     State High School Media and Design Competition, May 19, 2020, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA
    State Middle School Media and Design Competition, May 20, 2020, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA