2018 Winning Logo - Glendale ASD CIU # 10    2018 Winning Logo - Glendale ASD


    Central Intermediate Unit 10 

    PA Regional High School / Middle School Media and Design Competition
    March 21, 2019 - Bald Eagle Area School District 
    7:30 - 8:30 Computer Set-Up 
    8:30 Welcome Students and Advisors 
    8:45 - 12:15 Judging of Projects/ Participant Workshops with Central Intermediate Unit 10
                    (Internet Service is available for projects and workshops only)  
    12:15 - 12:45 Awards Ceremony
    Entry Number/Title                                              Student(s)                                                      School



    Middle School Entries


    7432    Our Animation             Grace Kozak, Payton McCully, Ava Krause                Glendale Jr-Sr High School

    7479   Computer Animation   Isaac Smeal, Carter Berg                                               Moshannon Valley Elementary School

    Graphic Design and Logo

    7438    Come Join Us at             Grace Williams, Jocelyn Mooney,

                the Computer Fair!        Alyssa Sinclair                                                                Glendale Jr-Sr High School

    7440    Computer Science

                Fair Logo                        Wyatt Lamison, Kyle Merrick                                      Moshannon Valley Elementary School

     Web Page Design

    7762   Bee Happy                      Ava Olosky, Leah Smay                                                  Curwensville Elementary School





    High School Entries                                 


    11554   Knight Fight                              Joseph Nixon                                                        Moshannon Valley High School 

    11653   Dreaming Sky High                 Samantha Uhler                                                  Bald Eagle Area High School

    Graphic Design and Logo

     11396   2020 Logo                                Ashton McClellan, Paige Glasgow                     Glendale Jr-Sr High School

    11493   2020 Competition Design      Michael Jabco, Katrina Blood, Ryan Dubbs     CPI

    11599  PA Media and Design

                Logo 2020                                   Natalie Brown                                                     Central Mountain High School

    11616  PA Logo                                      Dawson Nixon                                                     Curwensville Jr-Sr High School

    Web Page Design

    11282   BEE-QUALITY                          Kylie Hoffman, Skylynd Brown                         Bald Eagle Area High School

    11275   Pizza                                         Corie Shawley                                                         Glendale Jr-Sr High School

    11612   LGBTQ+                                    Amiya Smith                                                           Curwensville Jr-Sr High School

    11538  LabRek Industries                   Alex Little, Isaac Range                                        Central Mountain High School


    11284  INVASIVE ATTACK                  Katherine Haagen                                                 Bald Eagle Area High School

    Digital Movie

    11285  Behind the Scenes of a         Cassidy Smith, Keith Green,

                 Teenage Popstar                   Gracie Holderman                                                   Bald Eagle Area High School

    11600  Self Interaction                     Yarnell Daytona                                                        Central Mountain High School

    3D Design

    11283  Pop Stand                               Jeff Fry, Nick McClellan, Courtney Metz               Bald Eagle Area High School

    11539  M-Latch                                  Tyler Grimm                                                               Central Mountain High School



    Project Coaches

    Sharon Nilson - Bald Eagle Area School District

    Beth Keiser - Central Mountain High School

    Charles Nardi - Central Mountain High School

    Yana Boyd - Central Pennsylvainia Institute of Science and Technology

    Darlene Pennington - Curwensville Jr-Sr High School

    Lindsay Kallas - Glendale Jr-Sr High School

    Bethany Brown - Moshannon Valley Elementary School

    Melissa Elenskey - Moshannon Valley Elementary School

    Rudy Kowalcyk - Moshannon Valley Jr-Sr High School








    Arlin Roth - Bellefonte Area School District

    Dr. J. Hugh Dwyer - Central Intermediate Unit 10

    Daniel Berger - Central Intermediate Unit 10

    Sherry Jesberger - Central Intermediate Unit 10

    Kerry Jesberger - Xtreme Wear

    Kelly Jesberger - TJ Max


    Central Intermediate Unit 10 Event Coordination

    Tom Rowles - Information Technology Facilitator - Event Coordinator
    Renee McQuown - Curriculum Consultant with focus on Technology - Student Activities Coordinator
    Laurie Sparks - Fiscal Administrative Assistant for Special Education and Non Public School Services - Registration Coordinator
    Heather Ressler - Administrative Assistant - Scores Coordinator
    Appreciation is extended to Bald Eagle Area School District and staff for allowing the use of facilities for this event
    Special thanks to: LINK Computer Corp, MS-ISAC and Promethian for presenting at our monthy Technical Interface Group (TIG) Meetings and supporting our Regional PA Media and Design Competition
    Special thanks to Siegel Engraving, Clearfield PA, for making our 1st Place plaques

    This year we are proud to say that during judging of the projects, students will have the opportunity to have some hands-on experience completing challenges brought to you by Penn State University and Central Intermediate Unit 10!  

    Thank you to the judges for your time and expertise and to the following entities for allowing the judges release time to participate in the Computer Fair:
    Bellefonte Area School District, Central Intermediate Unit 10, TJ Max, and Xtreme Wear
    Thank you to the Coaches for your time and expertise 
     State High School Media and Design Competition, May 21, 2019, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA
    State Middle School Media and Design Competition, May 22, 2019, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA
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