• Information Technology  

    Educators continually explore new and innovative ways to engage students in learning. The mission of the CIU 10 Information Technology is to assist learners of all types with the integration of leading-edge technology to facilitate maximum learner growth.
    Information Technology Staff
    Daniel Berger - Director of Information Technology

    Dan is a recognized leader in the field of educational technology. Dan has provided leadership bringing technology resources to educational institutions at the national, state and regional levels. Dan has served as president of the National Association of Media and Technology Centers (NAMTC). At the state level, Dan has served as president of the Pennsylvania Intermediate Unit Instructional Materials Services Directors (PAIMS) and the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference (PETE&C). He leads the team that provides technical oversight of PAIUnet, the K-12 statewide education. In his position as Director for Technology services at the Tuscarora Intermediate Unit, Dan was responsible for bringing broadband services to rural central Pennsylvania by connecting the school districts and non-public schools in the TIU service area to the Tuscarora Regional Educational Network Delivery System (TRENDS). In his position as the Director for External Technology services, he served as the CEO for the Chester County Community Network (Chesconet). Chesconet serves all of the school districts, public libraries, and county government offices in Chester County, PA. as well as the Delaware County Community College and the Chester County Healthcare System.
    Mr. Daniel Berger
    Director of Information Technology 
    814-342-0884 ext. 3076
    1-800-982-3375 in PA only

    Tom Rowles -  Information Technology Facilitator
    Tom is the Network and Systems Administrator of all servers, computers, laptops and networks of the main office and sub offices of the CIU 10, is a Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS) Administrator, technical support for the Data and Record Tracking System (DaRTS), Video Conference administrator, System Administrator for the CIU # 10 Google Apps for Education accounts, Technical Support for the Mitel 5320 VoIP Phone System, System Administrator of File Maker Pro 15, Technical Support for iOS devices such as iPads, iPhones, System Administrator for all Security Technologies, Technical Support for the CIU 10 Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle,  Operating Systems in Windows Desktop and Servers, Linux, Macintosh Desktop and Servers, and Google Chromebook.
    Mr. Tom Rowles
    Information Technology Facilitator
    814-342-0884 ext. 3081
    1-800-982-3375 in PA only

    Technology Services

    The CIU 10 Clearfield County Office, located at 345 Link Road in West Decatur, PA, has three meeting rooms equipped with various technology to meet the needs of presenters and trainers.  The Clinton Room has an Epson G7200 Projector, a Sony 85" TV, and an AirMedia presentation console to allow presenting via wireless, Logitech Conference System to have Zoom meetings. Holds 55 attendees.  The Clearfield Room has an NEC Projector, Logitech Conference System to have Zoom meetings.  Holds 25 attendees.  The PA Room has an NEC Projector and holds 10 attendees.  Each room has a lectern with HP Laptops for presentations.
    The CIU 10 Centre County Office, located at 60 Decibel Road Suite 107 in State Collge, PA, has two meeting rooms that can also be one big meeting room.  Technology provided is two Epson Brighlight 650 projectors on a 100" diagonal interactive whiteboards.  Also two 80" TV's are on the sides for better viewing.  The rooms can be divided into two seperate rooms, or one big room.  Holds 120 attendees.  The lecterns have built-in laptops for presentations. 
    Below are the other resources we provide for presentations and/or trainings:

    ConferenceCams - Both the CIU 10 Clearfield and Centre County offices have conference cameras in place to support Zoom meetings.

    Content Management - The Central Intermediate Unit 10 has a Learning Management Server - Moodle - https://lms.ciu10.org.  Contact Tom Rowles for details. 
    Internship Agreements - The Central Intermediate Unit 10 has Internship Agreements with local colleges, such as, South Hills Business College, State College PA; and The Pittsburgh Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, PA.  We welcome other institutions with Internships to come and Intern technology with our Tech Department.  If interested, please contact Tom Rowles, Information Technology Facilitator, or Laurie Castagnolo, Human Resources Manager.