Diabetes Prevention Program

  • What is Prediabetes?

    Prediabetes means your blood sugar level is higher than normal but hasn't become type 2 diabetes. Diabetes can lead to life-changing complications. While diabetes has no cure, prediabetes may be reversed.

    Are You at Risk?

    If you think you’re at risk, you should ask your primary care physician for a blood test. However, your risk level may be determined by a combination of factors. Answering a few simple questions can help.

    Some of the risk factors include:

    • A family history of diabetes
    • Being overweight
    • Over the age of 45
    • Little to no exercise in a typical day
    • A history of gestational diabetes

    If you're at risk and you have not been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, then you may qualify for our Diabetes Prevention Program.


    Losing just 5% of your weight can help prevent diabetes (according to the CDC).


    This program is approved by the Center of Disease Control. If you qualify, you can participate either in-person or online.

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    In-person at the YMCA

    Enroll for peer group support in a classroom setting where available.

    How it works:

    To begin, just:

    1. Go to the YMCA Site 
    2. Enter your ZIP code
    3. Find a Diabetes Prevention Program near you
    4. Take a short prediabetes assessment to see if you qualify
    5. Sign up directly with the Y with your Highmark ID

    Online and Mobile with a Retrofit Coach

    Sign up for a convenient mobile application and web dashboard supported by a Retrofit coach

    How it works:

    To begin, just: