Ms. Amalia Shaltiel



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Amalia Shaltiel

 Visual Arts/ Sculpture/Multimedia Artist 

As an artist I explore my life journey using the tools of art. The process of creation is just as important to me as the finished result. I am working towards an authentic statement of my experience of this earth, through the materials and through my subject matter. I use the different art mediums for different intents. Sculpture explores movement in space and the internal feelings that I get from my own movement in space through my Tai Chi practice. My painting in oil is an exploration of my environment, of light and the reflection of the river where I live. In collage I translate the internal imagery of Ecstatic Trance experiences, to external images using the found images of our culture in magazines. In drawing and photography, I explore my artist eye. And then there is acrylic painting. This is my fun medium, so quick and easy. Here I let go allowing the unconscious to emerge in form and color, the art of revealing myself to myself.

This authenticity is what I am trying to convey as an artist educator. I try to expose and model for my students and participants how I, as an artist, approach the world, how I observe, research and react to the phenomena of the material world and my internal emotional and mental states and then how I review what I have created to bring it closer and closer to that unattainable place of direct response to creation. This is a slow, time consuming process which takes us out of ourselves and into ourselves. Much of the self-criticism I hear from students, especially older ones, of “I’m not good enough”, gets washed away by this process-oriented way of teaching and learning. A critical view of the work is used to evaluate it in that process of authentic rendition. Different techniques are learned and used as part of our exploration. Art becomes a personal process that is available to each of us. When we look at the products created in this way they are always surprising and wonderful. This approach keeps us fresh and alive and allows for a curious relationship to any subject. As an artist educator it allows me to approach any subject of the curriculum with curiosity and a newness which I can teach to students and empower them in their learning.

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