• Testimonials from new and experienced AP teachers:

    "In my 12 years of teaching, this receives my highest praise for a relative, practical, and useful training. I was more than pleased with the quality of instruction."

    "This was the best - most engaging, most practical, most meaningful professional development program I have attended."

    "This was awesome! So inspiring!"

    "[Instructor] was fabulous. He taught us as if we were adults, which doesn't always happen."

    "[Instructor] knows his content and made me excited for the upcoming school year!"

    "I feel I am prepared to teach AP after this week."

    "I've learned so much and feel more confident and prepared for this school year!"

    "The food was AWESOME."

    "The facilties were great, as well as the food."

    "Enjoyed the personal, thorough training."

    "Excellent training!"

    "Nice small group environment."

    "The training was very professionally done, the networking was great, and the instructor was very knowledgeable on resources and content."

    "Very helpful and clarifying for new curriculum."

    "Excellent building, instruction, and desserts!"