• A special education paraeducator, sometimes called a teacher’s aide or assistant, can be a real right-hand man (or woman) to the classroom teacher.  Classroom teachers depend on the knowledge and skills of  pareaeducators to  accomplish the responsibility to deliver an education to students. 
    The Central Intermediate Unit 10 offers trainings designed specifically for the needs of paraeducators.  Each year, the CIU 10 holds an annual conference in Centre County just for paraeducators.  At this conference, paraeducators receive twelve (12) professional development hours.  In addition, many of the other professional development opportunities offered by the CIU 10 are beneficial for paraeducators to attend.   

    Paraeducator Highly Qualified Hybrid
         *This hybrid workshop will consist of 2 days of in-person instruction along with 3 on-line sessions. Participants will have 3 weeks to complete the three on-line modules prior to the in-person training. Session topics are relevant to Special Education and Title 1 paraprofessionals. In the afternoon of the 2nd in-person training day, a test will be administered. You will be considered Highly Qualified if a passing score is achieved.

    February 25, 2019 - February 26, 2019
    8:00 - 8:30 - Registration
    8:30 - 4:00 - Session
    Centre County Location
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