Basic Spanish for the Educational Setting


    CPE Course #20120002

    Upcoming Session Dates


    May 4, 2020 - May 31, 2020

    Registration deadline for this session is April 27, 2020. Payment must be received in the CIU 10 office on or before April 27, 2020. Late fee of $15.00 will be charged for payments received after April 27, 2020.

     June 29, 2020 - July 22, 2020

    Registration deadline for this session is July 22, 2020. Payment must be received in the CIU 10 office on or before July 22, 2020. Late fee of $15.00 will be charged for payments received after July 22, 2020.


    Course Description

    This three-credit course is designed for teachers from grades K-12.  This is an online Moodle class, and each session contains a series of lessons, video, written responses, and other activities.  This course is a presentation of elementary Spanish language and grammar, in order to achieve a better understanding of the dynamics involved in the educational setting.  Vocabulary, structure, culture and history, as well as some exploration of the settings and situations that arise in an educational environment will also be included.  A minimal approach will be taken in order to ensure familiarity, as opposed to complete mastery, of vocabulary and structure.  A renewed awareness of situations will be achieved along with a heightened sensitivity for Hispanic culture and tradition.

    This course, which lasts approximately 30 days, will be completed strictly online using the Moodle platform. The instructor for this course is Agolino Educational Services. Pending receipt of payment, participants will receive an email from Agolino Educational Services containing their log-on information the night before the course begins.

    Participants who successfully complete all requirements of this course will earn Three (3) PDE Graduate Level Credits, equal to 90 Act 48 Hours.

    Participants will be able to:

    • investigate classroom situations with the added element of a language barrier.
    • create examples of cultural differences.
    • use some knowledge of Spanish vocabulary and grammar to add flexibility in dealing with classroom and educational settings.
    • show the understanding of language basics to maximize student performance.
    • collaborate to identify ideas to ease assimilation of Hispanics and other immigrant populations into the educational setting.
    • will enable Hispanic students to transition into the mainstream of education through further understanding of their language and culture.
    • write a plan of implementation in which they will elaborate on what they learned about Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and culture that will make them better educators and how it will do so.  In their paper, they will also explain how taking this course can help to build progress toward assimilation and improvement of English learners into our classrooms.

    Graduate Level Requirement

    Act 48 requires 42 hours of instruction plus 48 hours of out-of-class activity including a course project.  Participants out-of-class assignments include but are not limited to:
    • complete activities that incorporate the Pennsylvania Academic Standards.
    • write a plan of implementation that will include how basic Spanish for the educational setting can be used in their own classrooms.